Customize ur site

  1. Download the Fleur des Salines theme from the Expression Gallery. This theme is the one used by Fleur Des Salines.
  2. In this asset folder, you should find a theme folder named fleur-des-salines. Copy this folder to your server under folder wwwroot/wordpress/wp-content/themes. Adjacent to this folder, you should find the “classic” and “default” theme folders of WordPress.
  3. Login to your WordPress site by navigating to
  4. Expand the Appearance menu, and then select Themes. You should see the Fleur des Salines theme under Available Themes as shown below.
    Themes window
  5. Click on the “Activate” link below this theme so that it becomes the current theme.
  6. Confirm the operation of the new theme by opening up your site in IE at “”. If you already have your site open in IE, you will need to press F5 to refresh the page. It should appear as shown below.
    new theme in browser window
Customize the WordPress Theme for Your Site
  1. Back in your WordPress admin page, open the Fleur des Salines panel under the Appearance panel. Then change the default logo graphics for both the main page and sub pages. Follow the examples below:
    Homepage logo:
    …wordpress/wp-content/themes/fleur-des-salines/images/Fleur_Des_Salines_Large.gif Inside logo: …wordpress/wp-content/themes/ fleur-des-salines/images/Fleur_Des_Salines_Small.gif Background image: …wordpress/wp-content/themes/fleur-des-salines/images/background.jpg
  2. In the WordPress Settings panel, replace “Just another WordPress blog” with “A cottage with 6 rooms for 12 people, near the heart of the salt marsh of Guérande”
  3. Create an empty page called “Home” by expanding the Pages panel and clicking on Add New. Then click the Publish button.
    create an empty page
Set the WordPress Page as a Static Home Page
  1. Expand the WordPress Settings menu, then click on Reading.
  2. For the Front page display setting, select “A static page (see below)”, then in the drop-down to the right of “Front page:”, select “Home”. This will make the home page you just created the main page of your WordPress site.
    a static page
  3. Click Save Changes and open your WordPress site in IE to see the main page. It should be similar to the following with the exception of the menu.
    WordPress in IE

Publishing a Silverlight Photo Album to Your Website

This section shows you how easy it is to incorporate a Silverlight Photo Gallery into your website, using a free plugin that is available as a direct download from WordPress.

Add the Silverlight Photo Gallery Plugin to Your WordPress Site
  1. The photo gallery that appears on the main page of the original Fleur des Salines website is actually available as a direct download from WordPress. To start, you will need to open the Plugins panel from your WordPress admin page and enter “Silverlight” in the search box. After you click the Search Plugins button, you should see the Silverlight Gallery plugin.
    The plugin is highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below.
    Silverlight Gallery plugin
  2. Once you have located the plug-in, click the Install link. You will then be presented with the plugin details window from which you may wish to take some notes prior to clicking the Install Now button.
    Install Now button
  3. Next, you will need to activate this plug-in before you can use it on your WordPress site.
    activate this plug-in
  4. You are now ready to edit the Home page of your WordPress site. Simply click the Pages panel on your WordPress admin page and click the Edit link under the Home page post.
    Edit your homepage
Add Images to Your Silverlight Photo Gallery
  1. For your gallery, you will need some images. Sample images for this tutorial have been conveniently included in the assets folder of this lesson. Click the Add an image icon as shown below.
    Add an image
  2. Select the three images provided in your images folder, and then click the Open button.
    select images
  3. You may then simply close the Add an Image panel
    add an image
Add the Photo Gallery to Your Website
  1. In WordPress, select the HTML view, then click the insert Silverlight Gallery icon.
    insert Silverlight Gallery
  2. In the options window that appears,
    1. check all boxes except Display preloader, and
    2. provide a value of #303639 for the Background color. This is the matching background color of your WordPress theme.

    options window

  3. After you click the Insert button, your post should appear as shown below. Note that you may change any settings by editing the text.
    post preview
  4. You are now ready to click the Update button to publish these changes to your website.

Now, when you now open the main page of your WordPress site, you should have the ability to navigate through the three images you uploaded. Simply click the expandable left and right arrow buttons that appear over the image. You may also notice the ability to directly select an image by clicking on its thumbnail. The image thumbnails will appear when you hover your mouse over the bottom of the current image.

main page of your WebPress site